Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LED Pong Clock

Pong Clock
This clock is my version of Nick Hall's Pong Clock

He uses an Arduino UNO with prototyping shield to glue the logic bits and pieces together.

I wanted to make one that looks good, without using Arduino. So I designed a custom pcb for this clock, with all the goodies on a single board. So DS1307 RTC, buttons, LED's, backup battery, beeper, and a future IR interface. PCB design features a QR code with pcb version and maker, to add to the geekiness.

I sandwiched the boards between two sheets of acrylic, this makes it rocksolid. It's a very touchable brick on my desk now.

A sheet of automotive anti-sun film sticks to the front of the displays, to enhance contrast.

My firmware has minor modifications to the original; startup message, beeper function etc.

Firmware is a work in progress...

Fun project, with many thanks to Nick Hall. Visit his blog, he shares firmware sourcecode, thanks for that!

pcb design (in mirrored view)

Action shot...

On request, the circuit diagram..
Straightforward as can be..